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Brian Serff


Brian Serff’s paintings are inspired by his travels.  He grew up in London during World War II. survived the bombing raids, worked in an apprenticeship as a still life and lettering artist for a Fine Art Printer. 


In 1965 Brian came to the United States. During Brian’s travels his photographic talent became apparent capturing the unusual details, majestic mountains, towering canyons, and roaring rivers along with the old world charm of the English countryside, buildings, rivers, people and landscapes.  


Brian also has a great love and respect for the outdoors being an avid hiker, skier, river runner, mountain biker - all of which has given him ample opportunities to enjoy photography.  His photography has then been transformed into watercolor paintings.  His many subjects include portraits, landscapes, mountains and flowers.  Now retired, Brian has more time to devote to his paintings, bringing his own large photographic library to life through the use of watercolors and acrylics.

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