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An affordable custom watercolor potrait or a pencil sketch!

Capture the unique characteristics and personalities from a photograph you have or I can take for you.  Do you have an old photograph of a family member or pet?  Custom watercolor portraits which make the perfect gift for any occasion or can be a magical reminder of a loved one.
$250 per portrait If you wish Brian to take the photograph for you, there is an additional $95.00 charge.

pencil sketch

Do you have an old photograph of a family member or pet?  
Your portrait will be a custom, original pencil sketch.
The sketch will be matted in a 11”x14” size, leaving you the choice to frame. $120.


portraits from travel

Watercolor People
People the world over are a joy to watch, photograph, and then, be put down on paper with paint.I hope you find some of these as much fun as they were for me to paint.

people in daily life

These are everyday people you see at home going about their daily lives. Everyone of these paintings have their own unique story!

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